Executive Director

The Executive Director oversees the financial, program development, human resource, fundraising, and administrative management of Community Food Connections (CFC), along with overseeing the success of Downtown Phoenix Farmers Market (DPFM) and the execution of special events and projects. This position reports to the CFC Board of Directors, leading the organization to achieve annual goals and objectives. The Executive Director serves as an ambassador for CFC in the broader community, acting as a liaison to professional, civic, and private organizations. 

Essential Functions of the Role

Fundraising and Development (20%) 

  • Drive and direct general fundraising activities for CFC and its programs. 
  • Identify, secure, and oversee sponsorships and grant funding along with the CFC Board. 
  • Manage contracts, commitments, and communication with sponsors. 
  • Spearhead all donor campaigns, relationships, and activities. 
  • Develop partnerships with local businesses, organizations, coalitions, and policy-makers to meet shared goals. 

Personnel Management (15%) 

  • Oversee the hiring, training, workflow, retention, performance reviews, and professional development of staff, including student internships. 
  • Direct recruitment, retention, and role of volunteers. 
  • Lead staff in the development and implementation of the organization’s strategic plans for operations, marketing, and fundraising. 
  • Maintain employee handbook, personnel policies, and administrative systems. 
  • Build the capacity of the organization to support thoughtful growth. 

Financial Management and Systems Administration (15%) 

  • Responsible for fiscal management, including the development and implementation of the annual budget with the CFC Board. 
  • Oversee and maintain financial reports in Quickbooks for all bank charges, DPFM, Double Up Food Bucks Arizona, and Farmers Market Nutrition Program. 
  • Operate within the financial policies of the organization to support a positive financial position. 
  • Continually evaluate financial systems and processes for effectiveness and efficiency. 
  • Provide monthly updates to the Board, reporting on the financial performance of program activities.

Communications (15%) 

  • Execute the organization’s vision and communicate the vision to internal and external organizational stakeholders. 
  • Develop and implement an annual marketing plan; including email marketing, social media, website content, press and media, advertisements, physical distribution of marketing material, and community engagement. 
  • Generate creative content, graphics, and other necessary communications to accomplish marketing, fundraising, and educational goals. 
  • Represent CFC to community partners, industry organizations, and regulatory agencies. 
  • Perpetuate a positive relationship and open communication with the property owner, site partners, and city agencies. 

Governance (10%) 

  • Report to the Community Food Connections Board of Directors. 
  • Assist in making decisions on policies, programs, and strategies of the organization. 
  • Responsible for communicating effectively with the CFC Board and providing, in a timely and accurate manner, all information necessary for the CFC Board to function properly. 
  • Work closely with the CFC Board to identify long-term goals and opportunities for the organization. 

Special Projects (25%) 

Food Access and Farm Advocacy 

  • Work with CFC Board to develop an advocacy agenda. 
  • Maintain “Approved Market” status for the FMNP Program, DUFB, and SNAP by attending annual training, submitting necessary documents, and managing protocol at DPFM. 
  • Responsible for implementation of the SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), Double Up Arizona, and FMNP (Famers’ Market Nutrition Program) at DPFM. 
  • Performs other responsibilities and tasks as necessary to achieve the organization’s objectives. 

Special Events 

  • Identify short and long-term goals for PHX Pheast and Phoestivus, along with the Community Food Connections Board of Directors. 
  • Establish Event Committee; communicate timeline, tasks, and goals. 
  • Develop details of the event such as date, time, location, partners, and activities.
  • Handle budget and financial reporting for the event. 
  • Identify and secure event sponsorships with the CFC Board and Event Committee. 
  • Secure permitting, rental orders, vendors, contractors, facilities, and fundraising opportunities. 
  • Coordinate logistics for deliveries, set up, event programs, and break down of events. 
  • Manage and communicate with staff, vendors, and program partners. 
  • Oversee branding and marketing for the event.
  • Assess results based on event feedback surveys. 
  • Generate summary reports for CFC Board.

Expected Salary of Executive Director

Base Salary:
$65,000 — $75,000/yr
Commensurate upon experience
Additional Compensation:
$8,850 — $9450/yr

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Executive Director

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