Community Food Connections

Community Food Connections (CFC) is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to making quality, nutritious food more accessible through the Downtown Phoenix Farmers Market and vital partnerships. As an essential resource to our local economy, the CFC mission is focused on strengthening small farmers and businesses that foster a sustainable food system and produce healthy products for the local community.

Meet Our Staff & Board

We are more than just a farmers market. We are a group of people who are committed to making a meaningful difference.

Community Food Connections is managed and operated by full-time staff, assisted by year-round Downtown Phoenix Farmers Market crew and a dedicated board.  Especially for those seeking a farmers market truly committed to seasonally-grown, local foods and products; our staff and board create a Saturday morning, urban event for residents and visitors to gather and socialize (see our updated COVID-19 protocol) among a diverse crowd of community farmers, small businesses and shoppers.

Sara Matlin

Executive Director

Sara has on-the-ground experience building community networks that grow and thrive.  She has a passion for providing development strategy and technical assistance work to small businesses in order to engage the community.  She works to cultivate community, local business incubation, and greater food justice.  Feel free to reach out, we’re always looking to build our community partnerships around these vital issues.

Colin Dueker

Farmers Market Manager

A transplant from St. Louis, Colin came out to Phoenix to assess his next move. He developed a passion for living a sustainable lifestyle and eventually enrolled in ASU’s School of Sustainability where he received his Bachelor of Science and built a foundation around subjects such as ecology, food systems, and social justice. For several years Colin has been a dedicated patron of the Downtown Phoenix Farmers Market, where he also participated in an internship. He’s passionate to build an inclusive space that supports the livelihoods of local entrepreneurs and growers. Find him riding his bike, playing soccer, and doing yoga at the park in his free time!

Sven Lenkewitz

Farmers Market Coordinator


Lisa Collier

Farmers Market Coordinator


Bobby Northcutt

Farmers Market Coordinator

Meet Our Board of Directors


Brian Hines, President
The Proper Beast• vendor since 2014

Michele JefferyVice President
Plexus Worldwide

Barbara LoutosTreasurer
C.P.A., Loutos Consulting, P.C.

Samantha Jackson, Secretary
Downtown Phoenix Inc.


Bill Coward
Wells Fargo

Sara Dolan
Blue Sky Organic Farm • vendor since 2016

Rachel Galvez
Arizona Federal Credit Union

Megan Sheldon
City of Glendale

Staff and board members routinely conduct site visits and farm tours, documenting what they see and asking questions to learn more.  Our farmers market supports over 1,453 Acres of farmland within a 50-mile radius of the market! See more images of our most recent visit to Blue Sky Organic Farm.

Meet Our Merchants

More authentic. Less artificial.

With a growing interest to know where our food comes from and a hunger for greater food transparency, CFC continues to make every effort for customers to trust the authenticity of the products they shop at the market.  We place a very high value on our local business community. They work long hours ensuring the availability of quality products and show up week after week to offer the freshest produce, meats, cheeses, and artisanal items in Arizona at our local market.


Meet Our Merchants

What Makes Us Special?

We are community.

Surrounded by skyscrapers and located in the heart of downtown, our weekly oasis bustles with an eclectic city vibe every Saturday morning. We are committed to local businesses and require vendors to grow and manufacture their food in Arizona. Shoppers walk, bike, take the light rail and drive to our market, creating a diverse cross-section of individuals who appreciate the greater connection to the food they eat and the city in which they live. With your support, we have a lasting impact on the businesses and people in our community.

Read our 2019 Annual Report