A look at our 2020 Farm Grant Projects

Our work is focused on preserving Arizona’s rural livelihoods and farmland. Farm Grants provide funding to local farms for on-farm projects that have positive impacts on Arizona food systems, agricultural diversity, and the environment. We believe that providing small, manageable grants can have a big impact on the local food system.

2020 Grant Recipients

Steadfast Farm – Farmer Erich Schultz runs a two-acre bio-intensive market farm in Mesa, Arizona. On this land, he grows fruits, vegetables, and flowers using organic practices and raises pastured poultry for fresh eggs. Steadfast Farm utilized its grant for specialized insect netting that protects its specialized greens. Netting is an alternative to using harsh pesticides and is a more sustainable farming practice.


Hadley Farmship – Farmer Charly got into farming in 2008 when after 30 years as a mason he found himself out of a job. He decided to take a chance to pursue an interest in growing organic food. He and his wife purchased a half-acre urban property and started Hadley Farmship. Being in the urban center, he depends on city water and has taken it upon himself to ensure the neighborhood’s irrigation system is maintained. He is utilizing his grant funds to build a better irrigation system on his property to reduce water use.


Horny Toad Farm Horny Toad Farm is a female-owned, family farm three miles away from the market. Farmer Stella believes in bringing nutritious healthy food to people. She utilized her grant to take a farm and food safety training and is building new infrastructure on her property including new garden beds.


Wild Green Roots Ashley is a forager, collecting wild and unused herbs, fruits, and vegetables. She launched Wild Green Roots with a drive to help empower people to better their lives and to let them know they can start right where they’re at. It’s about going back to your roots, the basics. She started selling her goods at the Community Exchange Table. Now, Wild Green Roots has utilized their grant funding to build its presence in the marketplace, purchasing the necessary equipment and signage to develop its business.

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