Backyard Gardening Resources

Welcome to our resource guide for urban growers! Below you’ll find a list of resources for amateur and seasoned gardeners!

Steadfast Farms Consulting

For the more serious gardener or a future farmer. 


LEHR Garden System

For minimal maintenance, but super productive operation. Great for growing a lot in an 8×24 foot space. Starting at $2500 per bed with great customer service and starter kits.


Arizona Worm Farm

Sign up for a range of classes that teach desert farmers the basics of composting, gardening, and much more! For the price of $25, you can register for Gardening 101 which teaches a jam-packed introduction to organic gardening in the desert.


Growing in the Garden Youtube Channel

Learn from Angela, a Master Gardener in Mesa, AZ. She posts weekly videos that provide tips and inspiration for your garden.


Maricopa County Master Gardener Classes

Participate in a 2-hour virtual class from a Master Gardener. Upcoming classes include tomato and spring vegetable gardening.


Dig It Gardens

They offer various workshops and events on different types of gardening (vegetable, cactus, indoor, and butterfly).


Agave Farms

Reference their planting guide for how-to videos on raised bed preparation, companion planting, pruning, and much more! 




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