A Trip to Maya’s Farm

A few days ago I had the wonderful opportunity to go visit Maya’s Farm and I wanted to share some of the photos I captured. Talking with Maya about her work and passion for locally grown food was such a great experience. She pushes the importance of reconnecting with the food that you eat and educating the future generations on how to grow. The environment and ecosystem that is Maya’s Farm was beautiful- it did not feel like I was in Phoenix at all and solidified my belief that we need to continue locally farming everywhere. It is very hard for growers to grow too much produce in Arizona’s summers, but Maya has still done an amazing job up-keeping her farm and I am grateful for having taken the photographs to share with all of you. 🙂

some of the produce

shishito peppers:

butternut squash: Maya let me take one of these beautiful squashes home, so stay tuned for a butternut squash boat recipe soon and grab one at the market!

garlic: the garlic that Maya recently harvested in beautiful, and so big! Pick one up next Saturday at the market!


some of the herbs

rosemary: I always buy rosemary from Maya at the market, so it was such a cool experience to be able to see right where it grows from! 🙂

Basil: I could smell the basil from so far away- it was so beautiful and aromatic. I highly recommend getting some basil from Maya at the market and making some of my homemade vegan pesto.


animal friends on the farm!


chickens: pick up some eggs from Maya’s stand at the market! 🙂

goats: I didn’t get to capture a picture of the goats, but they greet you right as you enter the farm. 🙂

Maya’s doggie: this little guy stays at the farm and follows Maya around everywhere- it is the cutest thing.

fresh flowers

(freshly picked at the farm)

(for sale at the market): I left the market with some fresh flowers from Maya on Saturday, and they are so colorful and aromatic.

Maya always welcomes visitors to the farm- it is located at 6650 S 32nd St, Phoenix, AZ 85042. I highly recommend going to visit the farm as it really reconnects you to the work and passion it takes to farm and how lucky we are to be able to purchase local produce at the market every Saturday. Stop by Maya’s stand next time you are at the market to find out more about her beautiful farm! 🙂




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